Greene Family Albums

Grandkids on our dock in Michigan.

This website is a photo collection
of Greene Family events.

To view the above picture in real time, click here to go to the web camera located on our front porch.  Click the "login" button to turn on the camera;  no password is required.

NOTE:  Free software is needed to view the cameras.
1.  To view the lake, you will need to let the website download and install an ActiveX control (a yellow bar will appear at the top of your browser window) and probably a second piece of software for the large image.
2.  To view the Wreck Room, you must have Java installed on your computer; click here to download the free version.  Click where you want the center of the picture to be, and the camera will point itself there.  For more controls, click the button with the "basketball" icon in the upper right corner.  The "1 shot" button will produce a JPG or BMP image that can be copied or saved.

Click here to view the Wreck Room.  Click the "login" button to turn the camera on; no password is required.  Click on the scene where you want the camera to point to change the aim.

Greene Family Photo Albums

Press F11 to switch your browser to full screen viewing.

Other Stuff


1970 CutlassCheck out Ted's muscle car.


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